What we do for you


We have a range of research packages that are designed to have a lasting impact and support key functions in your business.


Key insights on markets and competitors to enhance proposition, placement and promotion.

Product development

Market and competitor scanning to support the full product and service development cycle.


Detailed profiles of key customers and qualified leads to support your sales teams.

Channel management

We provide structured decision support for key distribution and channel management activities.

Customer service

Deep insights into customers, their journey and experience to optimise customer service.

Strategy and investment

Information to compare and contrast different strategic and investment options.

An environmental consultancy targeted sectors we identified for their innovative environmental data service.

We profile the activity of ports globally to help companies target and gain share of maritime trade.  

Identification of the offshore production activity to help a service provider to improve service coverage.


For each client we package and present key information on markets, competitors and customers to support individual marketing activities that include:

  • Market identification, sizing and selection
  • Market entry planning
  • Channel selection
  • Proposition and positioning
  • Competitive strategy
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Trends analysis.


We save your account managers time by taking the effort away from constantly scanning the on-line and commercial sources of information so they can spend more time on key relationship building and management.

We ensure that your account managers are kept abreast and up to date with what is going on at your largest and most important customers by:

  • Providing detailed profiles of the customers including locations, functions, personnel and business activity
  • Identifying international opportunities within each account including the decision makers and stakeholders
  • Providing win themes and competitive strategies from extensive analysis of your competitors.

We arm your sales teams with the specific knowledge of who to talk to, about what and when; saving them time and enabling them to close more deals. Our lead generation services provide you with new prospects and opportunities with high conversion rates and high potential value. At Arkevista, we:

  • Generate sales leads ensuring that you always have a pipeline of new prospects
  • Qualify leads so you already know that they are interested in your products and services
  • Prioritise the companies so that you can focus on the best and most immediate opportunities
  • Set appointments to suit your sales team ensuring they are not overloaded
  • Keep prospects warm for you when you do not have the capacity to talk to them
  • Ensure your sales team are fully briefed and that the prospect receives a professional experience
  • Transfer data seamlessly into your CRM system.

Customer service

Our data and research allow you to monitor and manage your interaction with your customers. This means you can optimise their experience and deliver your target levels of customer satisfaction.

We build enhanced customer views by combining information from different sources to provide insights into the complex relationships between you and your customers, their journeys and the methods of service.

Our information will enable you to:

  • Design new customer services
  • Evolve and develop exisiting services
  • Optimise customer experience
  • Inform operational management and capacity planning.

Product & service development

We support your product development teams throughout the full product development life cycle. We provide you with the necessary information so that you can focus on the work that matters.

Our data and research can provide detail to help you with:

  • Market mapping
  • Competitor SWOT
  • Features and benefits analysis
  • Customer needs assessment
  • Performance monitoring including adoption tracking
  • Market and proposition testing
  • Concept development
  • Feasability studies
  • Market entry planning.

Channel and distribution management

We help you make the right decisions by providing information that shows the key players, their relationships, distribution networks and their place in the value chain. This helps you keep track of any changes in product range, proposition, positioning and service.

In an easily accessible form, our information supports key distribution and channel management activities such as:

  • New channel and distributor selection,
  • Performance bench-marking, monitoring and management,
  • Lead and prospect generation and tracking and
  • Macro and localised competitor intelligence.

Strategy and investment

We will help you make strategic decisions with more certainty and confidence.

We understand the different analytical methods that your teams will use and can purpose the data so they can use it straight away.

We support your strategy and investment decisions by delivering specific insights to:

  • Map markets
  • Support SWOT analyses
  • Inform PESTLE analyses
  • Identify opportunities for growth and investment.

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