Sectors & themes

Rarely does a client want information on just one sector. We address the specific needs of each client drawing on data and research covering the sectors and themes relevant to them.

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A research laboratory planned the launch of a new regulatory testing facility using our analysis of existing approvals.

Our data scientists developed a predictive model to improve the success rate of the first customer contact for a marketing company.

We provided key data on vessel voyage patterns to maritime consultancy to assess the feasibility of a new service.

Cross-sector themes

  • 4th Industrial revolution

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Augmented reality

  • Autonomous & remotely operated vehicles

  • Blockchain technology

  • Cyber-security

  • Environmental protection, management & impact reduction

  • Gig economy

  • Machine learning & AI

  • Regulation

  • Robotics

  • Smart manufacturing

Example data-sets

  • Airlines, manufacturers & suppliers

  • Business & consumer statistics

  • Country & regional economic data

  • Econometric models

  • Fleet profiles for air, rail and sea

  • Global trade

  • Import/export regulations and tariffs

  • Labour market statistics

  • Offshore energy activity

  • Population & other socio-economic data

  • Port profiles & indexes

  • Profiles of global construction projects

  • Rail manufacturers, operators & suppliers

  • Trade agreements

  • Transportation hub, network and route analysis

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