Research and analysis

If you want additional assessments of your markets, we provide a range of research and analysis services to support different roles and functions within your business. We delivery actionable research and analysis to:

Research and analysis 3
  • Understand your markets
  • Support product and service development
  • Inform channel and distribution management
  • Provide insights for strategy and investment

With our proven research methodologies, data, evidence gathering and systematic analysis, we help you to move forward and make confident business decisions.

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Marketing and communications

We analyse your markets, competitors and customers to support marketing activities.

  • Market identification, sizing and selection
  • Market entry planning
  • Channel selection
  • Proposition and positioning
  • Competitive strategy
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Trends analysis

Product and service development

We support your product development teams throughout the full product development life cycle.

  • Proposition mapping
  • Customer needs
  • Competitor SWOT
  • Features and benefits
  • Market and proposition testing
  • Concept development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market entry planning

Channel and distribution

We inform your key supply chain, distribution and channel management activities.

  • New supplier, channel and distributor selection
  • Performance bench-marking and monitoring
  • Lead and prospect generation and tracking
  • Macro and localised competitor intelligence

Strategy and investment

We support your strategy and investment decisions by delivering specific insights.

  • Map markets
  • Support SWOT analyses
  • Inform PESTLE analyses
  • Identify opportunties for growth and investment

Our flexible, practical and professional approach

Clients come back to us regularly to deepen and enrich their understanding of their world, and to identify opportunities and options so they can respond quickly and act with more certainty.


We deliver in phases at a pace that suits you; staying in regular communication. We report on the findings as they come to light and adapt to your changing business priorities, issues and opportunities.


By working closely with key stakeholders, we deliver an integrated set of data presented in a variety of formats designed to support each role. They receive the right data at the right time in the form that they need.


Our findings and conclusions are delivered in high quality executive level reports together with the supporting evidence and data.