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Driving performance with market,
competitor, and customer data
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New perspectives on your market

We provide information on your markets, competitors and customers

Our information tracks the complex business relationships and activities so that you can explore markets from different perspectives and find new opportunities.

  • Prioritise and enter new markets
  • Develop new products and services
  • Compete more effectively to win more business
  • Assess investment options

Our dynamic information portals, business ready data sets, research and analysis provide up-to-date and comprehensive data and insights on a wide range of subjects.

We have helped:

  • A vocational training course provider identify the charities sector as a new market
  • A UK software company identify and prioritise value added resellers in the United States
  • A major port to build the business case for new bunkering services
  • Identify and prioritise opportunities for a composites manufacturer in the global rail and aircraft markets

We offer four services

About Arkevista

Arkevista have been providing information services for ten years to many clients who are active in a wide range markets. Our mission is to:

  • Add value to our clients’ business
  • Deliver promptly and be responsive
  • Continuously improve our service

Our research combines the strengths of many methods and is designed to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Sectors 2x7

Rarely does a client want information on just one sector. We address the specific needs of each client drawing on data and research covering the sectors and cross-sector themes relevant to them.

We have helped:

  • A gym equipment manufacturer select new distributors in EMEA
  • A software as a service (SaaS) company build a global view of their competiors to inform their product development
  • Developed a minimum viable product for a marine information service company as part of their product development
  • A laboratory to target sectors and launch an innovative environmental data service
  • A UK energy provider identify and better target businesses for energy contracts
  • A maritime service provider track the locations of offshore production platforms to incorporate into their products
  • A business developmen team in a major port to target new cargoes
  • An international geosptial information publisher to identify seven new markets


British Ports Association (BPA) annual conference

Arkevista are delighted to be attending the BPA annual conference 15-18 October in Belfast.