Research and intelligence on markets, competitors and customers

We conduct primary, secondary and data-driven research, delivering executive presentations, written reports and the supporting facts, evidence and datasets.

Our market sector experts and analysts draw on a range of research and analysis methods to deliver actionable intelligence to support the different roles and functions within your business.



Data-driven research, the foundation to our approach

A detailed bespoke dataset is created for your business that provides a bedrock of evidence and facts about the organisations and their activities in the market. Delivered rapidly this gives you a consolidated source of intelligence that is orientated around your business.

We use our proprietary automated data mining processes combined with AI and machine learning to bring the power of research driven by big data to your business.

Primary research

We use a wide range of primary research methods that involve direct engagement using qualitative and quantitative techniques such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, observational research or case studies.

Secondary research

Collating and reviewing the body of evidence from what others have already researched before us saves time and establishes the current thinking. Well evidenced work does not need to be re-done and corroborates information in the data-driven and primary research. It sits between the two techniques in terms of cost and speed and can provide a full range of both qualitative and quantitative evidence.


We apply a wide range of analytic methods to extract intelligence from the research including numerical and statistical analysis, investigative analysis, analysis of competing hypotheses, reductive analysis and bottom up/top down analysis.

Research and analysis to support the different roles and functions in your business

Market, competitor and customer strategy and planning

  • Market identification, sizing and selection
  • Market entry planning
  • Channel selection
  • Proposition and positioning
  • Competitive strategy
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Trends analysis

Product development throughout the product life cycle

  • Proposition mapping
  • Customer needs
  • Competitor SWOT
  • Features and benefits
  • Market and proposition testing
  • Concept development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Product launch planning

Supply chain, distribution and channel activities

  • New supplier, channel and distributor selection
  • Performance bench-marking and monitoring
  • Macro and localised competitor intelligence

Corproate strategy, investment and planning decisions

  • Map markets
  • Support SWOT analyses
  • Inform PESTLE analyses
  • Identify opportunties for growth and investment

Our optimised, flexible, practical delivery


Receive research that strikes the right balance between depth, cost and speed. We select the optimal mix of research methodologies that will meet your objectives based on the sector, available information and your requirement.


By working closely with key stakeholders, we deliver an integrated set of data presented in a variety of formats designed to support each role.


We deliver in phases at a pace that suits you, staying in regular communication. We report on the findings as they come to light and adapt to your changing business priorities.


Our findings and conclusions are delivered in high-quality, executive-level reports. This is accompanied by full supporting evidence and data which provides you with a solid foundation for further analysis.


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