Easy online access to Marketvista Datasets and Research on your markets with powerful visualisation and discovery tools through our dynamic information portal and API

Marketvista Portal and API is the fast and convenient way to identify new business opportunities and support your strategic planning.

Marketvista Portal integrates and orientates our datasets and research specifically to your point of view. You can quickly analyse the data and explore what is happening in your market from your smart phone, laptop or desktop.

  • See at-a-glance dashboards of key metrics and trends highlighting what you want to focus on
  • Drill-down and explore the data interactively to understand what is behind the metrics
  • Uncover key relationships with smart search features
  • A rich set of analytical tools for power users
  • Collaborate and share insights with rich data storyboards

Easy to use

Get to work straight away with custom designed queries, reports and visualisations that we deliver to you out of the box. Each view can be fully configured to provide you with metrics you need.


Marketvista Portal and API is built on established and proven technology.


Explore and answer questions that are focused on your business with views that can be defined around a host of subjects and themes of interest to you. You can extract data in all common formats compatible with most business tools.

Designed for you

Data is only the start of the journey. We recognise that every business is different, so as standard we customise our services to you. By providing you with a dynamic information service that recognises the complex relationships in your markets it allows you to explore these relationships from different perspectives.

  • We create specific profiles to report on your target markets, customers and your competitors
  • Users have their own accounts providing specific views suited to their role and function

Business managers

At-a-glance dashboards and reports

For business leaders and managers, it provides an at-a-glance dashboard of key metrics and market trends allowing you to monitor commercial activities and easily compare other businesses.



Full drill-down and filter

For managers and business analysts, it offers full drill-down and filtering capabilities to allow you to explore the data interactively, understand precisely what is behind the metrics, and identify and make the most of all opportunities it highlights.


Data scientists

Rich, fully related and structured data

For business analysts and data scientists, it provides rich, fully related and structured datasets that can be fused with your own data to provide your organisation with a rich and comprehensive foundation of data for your business applications.

Discover what Marketvista Portal and API can do for you


Marketvista Portal for desktops, tablets and smartphones

You can be up and running immediately with our cloud-based portal so you can use dashboards, reports and analysis tools anywhere.


Marketvista dedicated API

Harness the power of Marketvista Datasets and Research directly within your own applications and business intelligence solutions through a dedicated API.

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