High-quality data about your markets, competitors and customers delivering a powerful knowledge base for any user

The data

Detailed information on companies

Data that describes companies in detail, what they buy, what they produce, their markets and operational locations. See the key players from large corporates, industry incubators and catapults, to start-ups, universities and R&D companies.

Geographically referenced

The information is cleansed and geographically referenced so you can take a worldwide view and also zoom into detailed local views of markets and business activities.

Identifies business relationships

The data shows the relationships between the companies, ownership of assets and locations so you can trace supply and distribution chains, sales channels and the structure of a company's operations.


Explore business activity across all business-to-business sectors from raw materials, manufacturing and construction, services through to knowledge-based industries.


Search and analyse the data on a wide range of themes such as skills, specialisms, technological developments and areas of innovation.

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A powerful knowledge base

Captures the key events and changes over time

Dates and times capture the key events, changes in business activity and endings and beginnings so you can trace what businesses are doing.

Compare companies in their market context

See and compare companies in their market context by mapping their markets and access to markets, supply and distribution chains, propositions and positioning.

Instantly see your markets, competitors and customers from different points of view

The features built into the datasets enable you to explore your markets from different perspectives.

Information for the different roles and functions in your business

Business Solutions V3
  • Strategy and investment

    Make quicker and more robust strategic decisions and investment cases

  • Product and service development

    Accelerate your product and service development cycle and increase the number of successful launches

  • Deal making

    Trade more effectively and close better deals

  • Markets

    See markets more clearly to identify opportunities and threats and have better information to plan your response

  • Supply chain and distribution networks

    Increase the performance and effectiveness of your supply chains and distribution networks

The datasets are enriched with a host of other data

  • Business and consumer statisitics
  • Country and regional economic data
  • Econometric models
  • Fleet profiles for air, rail and sea
  • Global trade figures
  • Import/export regulations and tariffs
  • Labour market statistics
  • Socio-economic data
  • Profiles of global construction projects
  • Shipping, port profiles and indexes
  • Trade agreements
  • Transportation hub, network and route analysis

Arkevista Datasets are more than just data

Tailor made

We carefully select the right combination and level of detail to support your specific needs on the sectors, subjects and themes that you want.

Ready to use

Be up and running straight away. Save time with cleansed and fully integrated data that supports different business roles.

Refreshed and updated

Stay up-to-date with changes in the market as they happen with our continuously refreshed data feed that filters out the noise and provides the essential detail.

High fidelity

No noise, no distortion. See your market landscape clearly in data that we have cleansed, de-duplicated and standardised.

Known provenance

Have confidence in the data through the audit trail of sources that we provide – where it came from, who produced it and when.


Get a more global perspective. Information is sourced in almost any language, translated into English and included in the datasets.

Role specific support

Managers can hit the ground running with our range of ready to use dashboards, reports and analysis tools

Analysts can drill down and slice and dice interactively with the fully related data models

Data scientists easily integrate the structured, clean data that comes clearly documented with a data dictionary

Accessing the datasets is easy

After a quick call to discuss your requirements we’ll prepare and put together the dataset just for you.  There are a range of options to access and use our up-to-date market intelligence.


Select and filter

Select data for the time period and geography you are interested in and filter by a range of factors



Available as a single delivery or a continuously updated feed

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Secure and easy access

Easily access the data through on-line file transfer, physical media, FTP or API


Choice of format

Indicate which format you desire from a range including database dump files, json, xml, shapefiles and csv files

Marketvista Portal

Access through any Internet browser giving you the easiest way to use our up-to-date market intelligence.


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