The maritime sector

We hold data, drawn from multiple authoritative sources, on the end-to-end value chain and on key sub-sectors such as shipping, inland waterways, fisheries and ports. The information we hold covers organisations, key players and where they fit in the maritime sector.

We provide focused, concise information that is designed to support the decisions involved in marketing, sales, customer services, product development or strategy and investment.

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Port profiles and indexes

Drawing together published information and our own port analysis and statistics we produce: port profiles, rankings and comparisons, and port and terminal traffic profiles.

We can develop port, vessel and voyage forecasts to help you understand demand for cargo handling and vessel capacity.

Our voyage analysis can be specific to ports, routes and vessels allowing you to understand the interdependence with other ports and to predict future voyage routes by vessel type and by ports visited.

Fleet, voyage and AIS data

We provide data and information on:

  • Fleets, fleet operators and vessel performance statistics
  • Voyage patterns of fleets and individual vessels
  • Voyage forecasts based on market demand

Using both satellite and terrestrial sources we can offer historical and near-time cleansed and processed AIS data tailored to vessel types, geographic areas, trade and more.


Market demand

Combining over 5,000 economic indices and forecasts from respected global economic commentators with our analysis of shipping patterns, we can develop:

  • Econometric models specific to your business and your markets
  • Macro-economic forecasts to help you understand global trade, growth economies and to identify potential new markets
  • Country and trade profiles and analysis.

Customer, competitor and supply chain intelligence

We hold information on potential customers, competitors and the supply chain. We can provide:

  • Company information and profiles; including their customers, competitors, suppliers, and sales, marketing and distribution channels
  • Comparisons of product and service positioning, claimed differentiators, unique selling points and search engine optimisation
  • Customer segmentation tools to support improved sales and marketing targeting.

Trends in technology

We can provide information on new technological developments, how they are being adopted in the sector and evidence of their performance.

Business solutions

We have solutions for marketing, sales, product and service development, investment and strategy.

Sectors & themes

We have global, regional and niche market intelligence for a wide range of sectors, subjects and themes.

How we work

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