How we work

We provide a new perspective for your business

Our flexible and pragmatic approach

Clients come to us to deepen and enrich their understanding of their world, and to identify opportunities and options so they can respond quickly and act with more certainty.

By working with key stakeholders, we deliver an integrated set of data presented in a variety of formats designed to support each role. They receive the right data at the right time in the form that they need.

We deliver in phases at a pace that suits you; staying in regular communication so that we can adapt to your changing business priorities, issues and opportunities.

Technology and sources

We utilise our own purpose-developed software, sophisticated data gathering and analysis platforms and automated mining and analysis tools including machine learning.

We fuse data from a wide range of global sources including satellites, published databases, commercial data from national and international organisations as well as the Internet and our clients' internal systems and databases.

We maintain data on key industrial sites, organisations and economic centres, and have our own reference data libraries and knowledge bases.


What we deliver

Market, competitor and customer data


We provide data focused for your company. This is gathered from a wide range of global and multilingual sources.

We enrich and validate the data through additional desk research and with targeted primary research.

Support for key roles in your business

Business Solutions V3

We reduce the effort involved in making decisions by offering specific intelligence solutions to support the key roles in your business: strategy, investment, marketing, sales, customer services and product development.

Deeper market research and analysis


We can deliver deeper understanding through specific research and analysis.

Our research combines the strengths of many research methods and is designed to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Find out what our data can do for you

Simply get in touch and we will provide you with information on the data we can provide and the research options.

What we do

We have solutions for marketing, sales, product and service development, investment and strategy.

Sectors & themes

We have global, regional and niche market intelligence for a wide range of sectors, subjects and themes.