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  • Strategy and investment

    Make quicker and more robust strategic decisions and investment cases

  • Markets

    See markets more clearly to identify opportunities and threats and have better information to plan your response

  • Deal making

    Trade more effectively and close better deals
  • Product and service development

    Accelerate your product and service development cycle and increase the number of successful new product launches

  • Supply chain and distribution networks

    Increase the performance and effectiveness of your supply chains and distribution networks

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Designed to meet the unique requirements of each client, we draw on data and research covering the sectors and cross-sector themes relevant to them and combine the strengths of data driven, on-line, desk and primary research.


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About Arkevista

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Gather and curate information

We gather and curate information that objectively describes the world you do business in from multiple sources and different perspectives

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Evaluate the evidence

We assess and evaluate the evidence deciphering views and opinions from facts

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Views to support business decisions

We analyse and present views of the evidence and what it means for different roles within businesses



+44(0)1249 700104

Work we have done

  • We profiled and selected new distributors in EMEA for a gym equipment manufacturer
  • For a marine information service provider, we developed a minimum viable product as part of their product development programme
  • We provided data and analysis to a laboratory to target sectors and launch an innovative environmental data service
  • We supported a business development team in a major port to target new cargoes
  • For a UK software company, we profiled and prioritised value added resellers in the USA
  • We provided key vessel acitivty data for a major port to build the business case for new bunkering services
  • We sourced opportunities for a composites manufacturer in the global rail and aircraft markets
  • For a UK energy provider, we identified how to more effectively target businesses for energy contracts
  • We tracked the locations of offshore production platforms for a maritime service provider to incorporate the positions into their information service
  • Our analysis identified the charities sector as a new market for a vocational training course provider
  • For an international geosptial information publisher, we identified seven new markets and their competitors
  • For a software as a service (SaaS) company, we built a global view of their top 25 competiors to inform their product development


Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) Ports and Terminals Infrastructure Finance Themed Open Seminar-Discussion

Arkevista attended the Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) Ports and Terminals Infrastructure Finance Themed Open Seminar-Discussion on 22 March 2017 at the Society of Maritime Industries, London, EC2R 8AY. For more details on the conference please visit: http://www.maritimeindustries.org/Booking-Test/Ports-and-Terminals-Infrastructure-Finance-Themed-Open-Seminar-Discussion-/45018