Actionable market data and research, focused for you

We enable you to change your game by providing data and research on your markets, competitors and customers

Our research and data:

  • Helps clients to do something different, to make a step change in performance or to face a big decision with confidence.
  • Deepens and enriches our client's understanding of their world by delivering facts and evidence.
  • Supports our clients in identifying and prioritising opportunities so they can respond quickly and act with more certainty.

With our proven methodologies, data and evidence gathering, Arkevista's range of research and sector specific data views support you in making confident business decisions, whether tactical or strategic.


Smart Ports Summit

We are delighted to be attending and speaking at the Smart Ports Summit, 19-20 February 2020, Hilton Canary Wharf, London

Arkevista sector specific data views

Interactively explore business activities anywhere in the world with our sector specific data views. Our latest release of Arkevista PortView shows the latest developments in our range.

Arkevista PortView is a comprehensive database providing a dynamic digital representation of each port's markets and operations.  By showing a port in relation to other ports, Arkevista PortView provides intelligence on operations, customers, prospects and competitors to help port operators sustain, adapt and grow business.  Commercial and marine operations are supported by a versatile and extensive range of dashboards, reports, graphs, indices and metrics. We recognise that every port is different, so as standard PortView is customised for each client. 

Arkevista PortView

Discover what PortView can do today by downloading a copy of our brochure 


Our combined research and data offering

We deliver research in packages, each one is designed to meet your objectives. Here are a few examples of data and research packages  for different parts of your business. 


Key insights on markets and competitors to enhance proposition, placement and promotion

Channel management

Structured decision support for key distribution and channel management activities


Detailed profiles of key customers and qualified leads to support your sales and business development teams

Product development

Market and competitor scanning to support the full product and service development cycle

Customer service

Deep insights into customers, their journey and their experience to optimise customer service

Strategy and investment

Information and insights to compare and contrast different strategic and investment options

With our proven methodologies, data, evidence gathering and systematic analysis Arkevista ensures you move forward and make confident business decisions, whether tactical or strategic.

Confirmed the charities market in the UK was an opportunity for a vocational training course provider and provided sales leads.

Detailed insights for a major port operator on competitor vessel activity and opportunities.

A leisure equipment manufacturer improved the management of their resellers across EMEA using our market and channel performance analysis.

About Arkevista

Arkevista’s data services and research are designed around what our customers say they want. We practice what we preach: continuously researching our own market, competitors and customers to ensure that our research evolves and develops to meet our customers’ needs.

Our research is designed to:

  • be specific to each client and role within the business
  • deliver answers with the supporting evidence
  • deliver in a matter of days.

Find out what our data can do for you

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What we do

We have solutions for marketing, sales, product and service development, investment and strategy.

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We have global, regional and niche market intelligence for a wide range of sectors, subjects and themes.

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