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Data Processing Solutions

Arkevista’s Data Processing Solutions are a full suite of services that will help you to gather and structure data to make it simple and accessible to you and your business.

Whether you are migrating data from legacy systems, populating a new data warehouse or implementing artificial intelligence to extract more value from existing data, we have services that can help. We work to prepare the data so that the data works for you.

We use the same data engineers and scientists, along with software and technology platforms, that we use to create Marketvista. So you can be confident that your data is in the best of hands.

  • Data sourcing

    Systematically identifying, assessing, acquiring and making ready new data sources

  • Data enrichment

    Enriching and refining raw data to add further detail and information

  • Data validation

    Ensuring data meets defined guarantees for fitness, accuracy and consistency

  • Data cleansing

    Detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records

  • Master data management

    Defining and managing critical data to provide a single consistent point of reference

  • Data mining

    Discovering patterns and uncovering insights within data

  • Data engineering

    Defining the data storage structures and preparing big data ready for analysts and business applications to take full advantage

  • AI and machine learning

    Developing advanced algorithms for you to embed in your systems to get more out of your data

Our flexible approach

We can support you in many ways. We can handle everything offsite on our systems or work directly with your systems, either remotely or onsite.

We also offer knowledge transfer and training so that you remain in full control of your data.


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