The aerospace sector

We provide data and information for all aspects of the aerospace sector, including;

  • Aircraft manufacturers and their supply chains
  • Airlines and operators
  • Airports
  • Service providers.

We provide focused, concise intelligence that is designed to support the decisions involved in marketing, sales, customer services, product and service development or strategy and investment.

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Fleet profiles

We can provide you with sub-sector specific information on the formation and status of fleets in the industry. We hold data on commercial aircraft from all the big builders both in terms of active fleet and their order book.

Our databases also extend to an understanding of small fixed-wing and non-fixed wing aircraft.

Flights, airports and route analysis

We can provide intelligence on the relationships between the key actors in commercial aviation, how they interact with transport hubs and the impact the sector has on national infrastructure.


Trends in technology

We can provide information on new technological developments, how they are being adopted in the sector and evidence of their performance.

Regulation approvals

We hold information from global civil aviation authorities on companies that hold their approvals and registrations. This includes:

  • Organisation design approvals
  • Organisation production approvals
  • Organisation maintenance approvals
  • Relationships to the approved aircraft types and models
Aviation Authorities Image

Business solutions

We have solutions for marketing, sales, product and service development, investment and strategy.

Sectors & themes

We have global, regional and niche market intelligence for a wide range of sectors, subjects and themes.

How we work

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